Alonzo Slater Interview

Oumlil: As an artist, how crucial is creativity in leading a fulfilled life?
Mr. Slater: It's at the heart of my being. It is also crucial to have a clear mind that allows you to open your creative channels and bring about positive energy to your life and life purposes.

What kind of role do your artistic sensibilities play in your day to day?

It plays a huge role. I love meditation, which helps me to be present and block out any negative thoughts I may have about myself- Artists go through so much as far as insecurities, negative feedback, and misunderstanding-, so It's very important to be in tune with yourself and your artistic side. Lastly, interacting with regular people who make up the characters we play definitely goes a long way in my development as an actor.

What is it that drew you to acting to begin with?

When I watched television growing up I would see black men that look like me on television and I thought it was so cool and inspiring. I wanted the same reactions when little black boys do see me on television.

Other than being an actor, is there any other medium of creativity that you are particularly fond of?

Besides acting, I love producing and directing, it gives me the opportunity to be the leader I want to be. I just started my own production company and I love creating projects and directing the process. It's beautiful seeing the finished product of something you imagined yourself.

Do you believe that personal style, not unlike art, is an essential part of self-expression?

It is, it's the first thing people see before you even speak a word. It’s a daily medium of self-expression.

Where do you draw your inspiration from—in your craft and in style?

As far as craft, there are so many talented brothers killing it, but my favorites are old school ones like Sidney Poiter and Denzel Washington, and contemporary ones like Morris Chestnut and Chadwick Boseman to name a few. For style, I honestly love all types of clothes and It usually depends on how I feel. Andre 3000, Pharrell, Usher, Jay Ellis, Lekeith Stanfield are some of the style icons who inspire me.

What is it about Oumlil’s style that drew you to the brand?

The tailoring is fluid, combined with fabrics in beautiful textures gives the clothes a unique look and feel.

How do you define the style of your generation of actors compared to the classic Hollywood glamour?

I see a lot of comparison to the early 90s, you know fashion repeats itself, but I think my generation is giving it “a global twist”- something that also drew me to Oumlil with their cultural crossings and styling point of view.