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Mourad Zaoui Interview

Oumlil: As an actor, how crucial is creativity in leading a fulfilled life? What kind of role do your artistic sensibilities play in your day to day?

Mr. Zaoui: I like a quote by yohji Yamamoto when he was asked why he continued to design into his eighties he said: "Because beautiful things are lost every day, so I want to fill the world with beautiful things”. So just like Yamamoto, I want to tell the world beautiful stories. All of them of course, I put a part of my body, and soul in every single character I play and I’m convinced that I left with something from all of them and not on a conscious level.

What is it that drew you to acting to begin with?

Since when I was a pre-teen, I would spend my time after school watching movies while my parents were still at work. I would memorize entire scenes and reenact them for my parents once they were back home. And seeing the joy that those early performances brought to my parents filled me with pride, confidence and an indescribable feeling of having been heard and seen.

Other than acting, is there any other medium that you are particularly fond of?

For the past few years and as an actor, I became obsessed with reading, especially history. As a citizen of this millennia, this helped me put things into perspective, and better understand our human condition; rituals; struggles and achievements.

Do you believe that personal style, not unlike art, is an essential part of self-expression?

Fashion is an honest expression of ourselves- our aspirations; mood and feelings- even when we don’t try. I personally tell part of my story and my culture through fashion: “ who I am, where I come from and where I wish to go.

What is it about Oumlil’s garments that draws you to them?

The cuts, the comfort, the uniqueness of the details, the use of color, and the timelessness of the clothes. Also, The fact that the brand and its creative director Hisham Oumlil stand for the beauty and contributions of cultural crossings, in today’s world, is very heartwarming.

What would you say is the value of wearing designs that speak to you on a personal level, as opposed to wearing clothes purely for their functional purposes?

It has to be both, the design has to speak to me first and then I find function and use for it!!


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