Style Guidelines

How-to Wear: The Oumlil “Don’t Feed The Vultures” collection is designed with the intention that every single piece is a pillar allowing for the opportunity to create many different outfits from the collection making it always feel new and fresh. Oppositely, we believe that any piece in our collection can easily be styled with garments you may already have in your wardrobe.

Where to Wear: From the comfort of your chair while meeting colleagues on Zoom or at the office, to a night out with friends or love interests; the OUMLIL garments are designed to offer you both utility during work days and style during your leisure time. The fabrics are selected with different weather patterns in mind to allow you more opportunities to wear your garments year-round.

How it’s Made: After over a decade designing seasonal wardrobes for an eclectic international private clientele; our founder and creative director Hisham Oumlil wanted to extend his high end expertise in tailoring to a sportswear collection while still making it accessible. The patterns are designed with how you move and sit in mind, and the fabrics and the trims are selected with similar standards as those for our private clients.